Jelmer Chardon presented Studbook stallion Eise 489 (Maurits 437 x Olof 315) in front of the sjees to be offered the Silver Bowl at the Stallion Inspection. He had however, no way of expecting that Eise 489 would also be appointed Horse of the Year 2016.

The Witteveen family from Ontario puts up the Silver Bowl as a tribute for the National Champion Studbook stallions in front of the sjees, an honor which this year was for Eise 489 in the hands of Jelmer Chardon. At their presentation in Leeuwarden another title was added: Horse of the Year for 2016. Eise 489 was bred by the De Vries family from Hindeloopen who were honored as the 2015 Breeder of the Year at the previous Stallion Inspection.

In 2016 the 8-year-old Eise 489 was the revelation of the show driving season. In impressive style Eise 489 won the Championship Honorary Class in front of the sjees, later adding the title of Champion of the Studbook Stallions. To the elation of the audience Chardon had hitched up his Eise 489 to the sjees, driving his lap of honor with stunning flair which was met by a wildly enthusiastic round of applause.