KFPS Registers it’s 500th Studbook Stallion

On December 9th, 2017 the KFPS, the Friesian Studbook registered its 500th Studbook stallion. This means that across the 138 years of the KFPS an average of about four stallions were approved per year. 2017 was no exception with another four Studbook Stallions approved. The number 500 was assigned to Tjibbe of Zadelhoff Stables who is the oldest of the newly-approved quartet: Tjebbe 500.

Tjebbe 500 is the first registered son of Bartele 472 out of his first crop. His dam is a first premium Star mare by Dries 421 out of a Crown mare by the Preferent Tsjerk 328, who presently has three Star offspring. His great granddam is no other than the Model Preferent Performance mare Pyrrha fan Synaeda. Together with Setske F. this Oepke 266 daughter is the broodmare with the highest number of Preferent points: 13. Whereas sire Bartele 472 is mostly known for his hereditary qualities for exterior, Tjebbe 500 stands out with his fine movement. Especially his use of the hind leg is a positive asset.

Tiede 501 is the first approved son for Alwin 469. The computer index prints of December 2017 show Alwin to be the stallion with the highest breeding value for exterior (exterior and movement). His dam is a first premium Star mare by Loadewyk 431 and his granddam is a Star mare by the Preferent Teunis 332 who at present has three Star offspring. The great granddam is a Star Preferent*5 mare by the also Preferent Feitse 293. Of this approved foursome it is Tiede 501 who has the highest scores for exterior, which is in keeping with his lineage. Yet, he displayed good aptitude in all three disciplines in which his correct movement technique especially caught the eye.

Ulbrân 502 is the first Reinder 452 son to earn his stud licence. Because of his uncommon lineage he is the stallion with the lowest kinship percentage of this newly-approved batch. But he nevertheless descends from a well-known family. His dam is a Star Jakob 302 daughter out of the illustrious Jeldau fan ‘e Wigêri. This Model Preferent Performance mare sired by Rypke 321 is also the dam of Haitse 425 and Wylster 463. Ulbrân´s great granddam is a Model Preferent daughter by Lute 304. Ulbrân is a tall, long lined stallion who totted up the highest scores in both riding test and driven test with his easy ways and excellent cantering style.

Tymen 503 is the second approved son of Tsjalle 454. He is a product of line breeding into the Lysebet family from pedigree 70. Both his sire Tsjalle 454 as well as his dam Esoca fan Fjildsicht Crown Sport (Harmen 424) descend from this line. They meet in the fifth generation, where we find foundation dam Lysebet. This Star Preferent Bjinse 241 daughter is also the dam of the Preferent Feitse 293. Tymen´s granddam, Hester fan Fjildsicht Star Preferent (Sape 381) is the dam of Thorben 466. Since his referral at the Stallion Inspection and during the performance test Tymen has shown a strong positive development, both in terms of exterior as well as movement. His unvarying, active use of the hind leg has earned him the best score of all four newly-approved stallions in the show driving test.

All four newly-registered stallions are free of the hydrocephaly- and dwarfism genes.

The fifth participant in the Central Examination was Versace Birkemose, but he wasn´t accepted for registration as Studbook stallion. This Norbert 444 son bred in Denmark managed to earn 78 points under saddle, but in the driven disciplines his performances couldn´t convince the judges enough to justify approval. In the course of the examination the stallion frequently seemed to struggle with trainability, which had a somewhat greater impact on his driven work than under saddle. It is quite uncommon that a participant does not make it through the final assessment, especially in the past few years after the Stallion Inspection Jury started to advise owners about their stallion´s chances in the final test.