2016 KFPS Horse of the Year: The Candidates

The names of the five horses nominated for the title Horse of the Year 2016 have been disclosed. Who deserves the title? Make your voice heard and vote via, the KFPS website or our Facebook page! The person who writes the best motivation, will win a nice KFPS Royal Friesian jacket! The Horse of the Year is designated after the counting of the public vote and the votes of the jury, consisting of three persons. You can vote until December 31. The winning horse will be honored on Saturday, January 14 at the Stallion Show in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.

The candidates are:

Tsjalle 454

Breeder: G. Smith-Meyer, Veenwouden Owner: Fam. Age Odom, Sivaganga

Breeder: G. Smith-Meyer, Veenwouden Owner: Fam. Age Odom, Sivaganga

Last year it was Jehannes 484 who won the overall championship at the Stallion Show. This year the eyes are back on him, but out of the spotlight comes his father Tsjalle 454 (Mintse 384) prepped and ready to take over the title of his son. Tsjalle 454 peaked at the right time and was on the move on Saturday at the 2016 Stallion Show in Leeuwarden. The jury could not ignore him and made Tsjalle 454 champion of the older stallions and also overall champion. Definitely worth a nomination for Horse of the Year 2016!






Pleun van ‘t Lansink

Breeder / owner: MH Loman, Zwiggelte

Breeder / owner: MH Loman, Zwiggelte

Pleun van ‘t Lansink (Norbert 444) grew in her performances throughout the Central Inspection. She was initially fourth in her group, in the championship she out did her competitors and was honored as Champion of the three year olds. She would battle former champion and Model Mare Wealtsje A. for the overall championship? Despite Wealtsje Pleun again optimally presented her strong movements and beautiful appearance, the jury chose Pleun van ‘t Lansink. She won the overall title and was described as the figurehead of the Champion class. Pleun earlier this season also won the breeding day champion in Ambt-Delden. She deserves a nomination for Horse of the Year 2016?




Djorn van de Demro Stables

Marc Peter Spahn - Djorn van de Demo Stables WK Selectie 7 Jarigen 2016 © DigiShots

Breeder: Demro Stables, Mierlo Owner: Linda Annell, Sundsvall (Sweden)

The seven-year old Djorn of Demro Stables (Jorn 430) competed last year highly in dressage. With Peter Spahn in the saddle, the stallion is successful in the Small Tour dressage. In that class they were honored as champion in late September at the Alrako KFPS championship dressage in Kootwijk. Last summer, Peter Spahn and Djorn superbly represented the Friesian horse with their participation in the semi-finals of the selections for the World Championships for young dressage horses. They arrived with fantastic scores in the final, but unfortunately could not participate as the KFPS (still) is not admitted to the WBFSH. Meanwhile Djorn also has managed to enforce a ticket to the Condensed Stallion Test, so it may just be that he’s the next Horse of the Year!




Eise 489

Breeder: R. de Vries-Baker, Hindeloopen Owner: Stal Chardon, Jorwert

Breeder: R. de Vries-Baker, Hindeloopen Owner: Stal Chardon, Jorwert

The 7-year-old Eise 489 (Maurits 437) was the revelation of this year’s show driving season. As it turned out owner Jelmer Chardon has managed to plot the right strategy. Never before did one stallion become Champion of the Studbook stallions as well as of the Honorary Class in one single season, but Eise 489 pulled it off, on both occasions driven by Jelmer Chardon.






Yasmijn R.

Breeder: Jac. Ruiter, Nij Beets  Owner: Sj. Ruiter, Nij Beets

Breeder: Jac. Ruiter, Nij Beets
Owner: Sj. Ruiter, Nij Beets

One mare who has more than proved herself in breeding is Yasmijn R. Star Preferent Performance (Teunis 332), born in 1999. Her entire dam line lists nothing but Preferent mares. So far Yasmijn has brought twelve offspring, two with the Crown and Sport predicate and six Star offspring. Yasmijn R. is undoubtedly one of the KFPS´ crown jewels.